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? 6 hrs ago input in innerhtml of create element not working
JavaScript - I'm making a test app with the js exam code from Adam Khoury. I made a test maker, but it's just a big array displayed like a table. Not ver... view question
? 14 hrs ago toggle buttons that can fire off a toggle function
General - Im trying to make a toggle button that can fire off a toggle function like and on or off switch i dont know how to do this and wondering what should b... view question
? 14 hrs ago Can Anyone Create This Assignment
General - hello Adam can you create a php Dairy that one can login after signup and post to his dairy which can be private and public the public one users can c... view question
? 14 hrs ago How To Edit Live Update Using Ajax Php Mysql
General - I want to live edit by clicking edit link and update the message for this code [code]<div class="sttime"> <?php echo $rowa[&... view question
? 14 hrs ago How To Cartoon Yourself In Photoshop Or Fireworks
General - I want to add my own photo to my website.but in the form of cartoon character.I saw some tutorials on youtube but they are not satisfied my requiremen... view question
? 1 day ago komposer
General - Hi has anyone ever tried to use Komposer software (I say that lightly) to build web pages. I am forced to teach students web design using it because... view question
? 1 day ago adding birthdate to signup fuction and calculate it to age
JavaScript - This is the php for the date of birth form <?php for ($i = 1; $i <= 31; $i++) { $arDays[] = $i; } echo '<select name="day&q... view question




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